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Announcement Of Cessation As Group Executive Vice President And Group Chief Financial Officer

Apr 17, 2013
Resignation Details
Name Of Person Cho Wee Peng
Age 43
Is Effective Date Of Cessation Known? Yes
Effective Date Of Cessation 28/06/2013
Detailed Reason(s) for Cessation To pursue personal interests.
Is there any difference of opinion on material matters between the person and the Board of directors? No
If yes, please elaborate NA
Is there any matter in relation to the cessation that needs to be brought to the attention of the shareholders of the listed issuer? No
If yes, please elaborate NA
Any other relevant information to be provided to shareholders of the listed issuer? No
If yes, please elaborate NA
Date of Appointment to current position 01/01/2011
Job Title Group Executive Vice President and Group Chief Financial Officer
Role and Responsibilities Oversee the corporate finance, treasury, investments and information technology departments.
Does the AC have a minimum of 3 members (taking into account this resignation)? Yes
Number of Independent Directors currently resident in Singapore (taking into account this cessation) 7
Number of Cessations of Appointments specified in Listing Rule 704(7) over the past 12 months Nil
Shareholding in the listed issuer and its subsidiaries Shareholding in Hyflux Ltd

Ordinary Shares:
360,000 ordinary shares held in his own name
3,000 ordinary shares held by his spouse, Madam Ng Kim Hong

Preference Shares:
2,000 preference shares held in his own name
Family relationship with any director and/or substantial shareholder of the listed issuer or of any of its principal subsidiaries None
Other Directorship
Past Directorship (for the last five years) 1. Hyflux CEPAration B.V.
2. Hyflux Utility WTP (DZ) Pte. Ltd.
Present Directorship 1. Spring China Utility Ltd
2. Hyflux France SAS
3. Hyflux CEPAration Technologies (Europe) B.V.
4. Hyflux Operation and Maintenance Algeria
5. Tahlyat Myah Magtaa SPA
6. Lube Oil Re-Refining Company
7. Acquaspring Utility (Benghazi) Pte Ltd
8. Acquaspring Utility (S) Pte Ltd
9. Acquaspring Utility (Tobruk) Pte Ltd
10. Acquaspring Utility (Tripoli East) Pte Ltd
11. Bendemeer Infrastructure Pte Ltd
12. Eflux Singapore Pte Ltd
13. Hydrochem Engineering (S) Pte Ltd
14. Hyflux Academy Pte Ltd
15. Hyflux Asset Management Pte Ltd
16. Hyflux Capital (Singapore) Pte Ltd
17. Hyflux Cleantech Pte. Ltd.
18. Hyflux Energy Pte Ltd
19. Hyflux EPC Pte Ltd
20. Hyflux Innovation Centre Pte Ltd
21. Hyflux International Engineering Pte Ltd
22. Hyflux International Pte Ltd
23. Hyflux Utility (India) Pte Ltd
24. Hyflux Utility WT (HCWT) Pte Ltd
25. Hyflux Utility WTP (FN) Pte Ltd
26. Hyflux Utility WTP (NNWT) Pte Ltd
27. Hyflux Utility WWT (HCCJ) Pte Ltd
28. Hyflux Utility WWT (HCWT) Pte Ltd
29. Hyflux Utility WWT (ZY) Pte Ltd
30. Hyflux Utility WWTP (LP) Pte Ltd
31. Hyflux Utility WWTP (WH) Pte Ltd
32. HyfluxShop Pte Ltd
33. Kallang Infrastructure Pte Ltd
34. Kallang Spring Pte Ltd
35. MenaSpring Utility (S) Pte Ltd
36. MenaSpring Utility (Tlemcen) Pte Ltd
37. NewSpring Utility Pte Ltd
38. Tuaspring Pte Ltd
39. Hyflux Asset Management (CWF) Ltd
40. Hyflux Asset Investment (CWF) Ltd
41. Hyflux Hi-Tech Product (YangZhou) Co., Ltd
42. Hyflux Marmon Development Pte Ltd
43. Marmon Hyflux Investments Pte Ltd
44. Hyflux Utility (TJ) Limited
45. H.J. Newspring Limited
46. Galaxy NewSpring Capital Pte Ltd
47. Galaxy NewSpring Pte Ltd
48. Galaxy Operation and Management Pte Ltd