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Notice Of Book Closure Date For Dividend

Apr 05, 2012
Notice Type Notice of Book Closure Date for Dividend
Corporate Action Details (e.g. Rights ratio, dividend ratio, tax rate, etc)
Record Date 13/04/2012
Record Time 17:00
Date Paid/Payable (if applicable) 25/04/2012
Dividend Value Payment Type Dividend Type Financial Year End Dividend Number Tax Exemption Clause
SGD 6% Per 1 Preference share Tax Exempted (1-tier) Preferential 31/12/2011 2 The dividend is paid under the one-tier corporate tax system and is exempted from tax in Singapore.
Footnotes (1) Under "Financial Year End", please note template required input of Financial Year End date. The preference share dividend period (from (and including) 25 October 2011 to (but excluding) 25 April 2012) straddles between FY2011 and FY2012.

(2) Under "Dividend Value", please note shareholders' entitlements to a cumulative preferential dividend at 6% per annum on the Liquidation Preference of each Preference Shares, calculated on the basis of 183 days from (and including) 25 October 2011 to (but excluding) 25 April 2012 (being the relevant dividend period). Accordingly, the aforesaid cumulative preferential dividend declared shall be payable on the basis of 3% per Preference Share.


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